Total Energy Connection (TEC) is committed to helping our clients turn their facilities into places that are more cost-efficient, environmentally responsible places to do business. TEC’s ESCO (Energy Services Company) is a leading energy management company that specializes in delivering energy efficiency programs for commercial, industrial, municipal and institutional clients. Many of these programs are supported by public utility or public service commission-approved utility programs.

TEC’s ESCO can help customers from the initial stages, where auditing and planning services are needed, to turnkey installation of energy efficiency measures.

Our Energy Services can be broken down into 3 areas:

Energy Consulting, Auditing & Project Management

Working closely with our clients, we'll identify their goals and work out a process that's right for them. We'll guide our clients towards an energy star efficiency rating through a LEED certification process, resulting in increased property values and lowered annual energy bills. Our process is outlined at the bottom of this page.

Utility Program Delivery

Most states and utility companies offer conservation services to their customers. TEC has experience in all types of utility programs, from small business programs to large commercial and industrial (C&I). These programs cover all technologies, including lighting, HVAC, pumping, air handling, refrigeration and compressed air. 

Design Build Projects & Turnkey InstallationS

TEC specializes in energy efficient lighting, including LED, Induction and other traditional sources. Our team also implements comprehensive packages of measures in HVAC, refrigeration, process support, solar, fuel cell, and other technologies. 

Here are just some of the ways that TEC can develop and engineer smart power and fuel solutions for our clients.

Lighting retrofits

  • Design of general and task lighting systems
  • Control design and integration
  • Local, state and federal rebate design and commissioning

HVAC Opportunities

  • Economizers
  • Heat exchangers between cooling towers
  • Comfort cooling

Boiler System Optimization

  • Blow down heat recovery
  • Economizers
  • Steam trap replacement
  • Alternate control systems
  • Boiler feed water
  • Variable speed drives (VSD) on boiler forced draft (FD) and induced draft (ID) fans

Compressed Air Retrofits

  • Supply-side plant studies
  • Compressed air systems automation and controls
  • Leak audits
  • Review of demand-side users and alternative technologies

Building Envelop / Weatherization

  • Comprehensive Roofing Audit
  • Compressed air system automation and controls
  • Leak Audits
  • Review of demand-side users, and alternative technologies


  • Power quality analysis and design
  • Peak shaving/Interruptible design
  • Generator-set system design and integration
  • Controls design
  • Metering systems
  • Distribution efficiency design


  • Variable speed drives
  • Central chilled water systems


  • Operate without combustion, so they are virtually pollution free
  • Utility Cost Control
  • Secure, Resilient Energy
  • Can provide electricity and heat completely independent from utility grid


  • Heat recovery from process
  • Heat recovery from water discharge

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Client Meeting

An introductory meeting with a TEC representative will give you all the information you’ll need in order to make an informed decision. From guidelines to where and how we can affect your bottom line, you’ll get all the information needed to make the decision making process easier.

Offical Audit

The all-important first step is the system audit. This information-gathering process produces a comprehensive overview of your entire infrastructure, with an emphasis on the areas within your facility that are having a negative impact on your bottom line. 

Project Analysis & Design

With the data we’ve collected from the official audit, we design a solution to specifically meet your needs with the goal of finding the suitable balance between energy savings, capital investment, energy levels and quality.

Energy Savings Evaluation

In order to offer you peace of mind, TEC conducts several energy savings tests designed to show what you can expect to save space by space within your facility. This is also where you'll be informed of any available federal or state grants and utility programs that you may benefit from.

Proposal Presentation

The proposal is presented to you and your organization. We'll walk you through the process step-by-step, from the initial meetings with contractors through to the post-installation inspections. We encourage questions and make any adjustments per the request of the client.

Contract Agreement

In order for your project to get started, we'll need to enter a contractual agreement. 

KICK OFF Meeting

This is the fun part where we bring every party involved into the same room for a project kick off meeting! TEC, the client, contractors, any state agency and other important personnel will gather to discuss and outline each individual process and timeline that pertains to the project.

Project Installation & Management

The project is initiated and work begins on your facility. The entire process is geared towards insuring there are zero surprises. Our project managers will keep you and your staff abreast of what’s going on, when it's getting done and how it's going to happen. From the early pre-construction meetings that let you know what areas of your facility will be under development and when – to the continuous reports and updates provided during the installation itself, you’ll know what’s happening at all times. 

Project Completion

Once our project is finished, we’ll give you a comprehensive walk-through of the facility so you can review the results for yourself and with your team. We operate efficiently and cleanly, disposing of material in accordance with all environmental regulations, leaving your facility undisturbed. 

In addition, we conduct post-installation inspections with representatives from the utility company to ensure that the maximum rebates are produced.

6-Month Energy Saving Review

After the first 6 months, we'll come back to your facility and run a series of energy analysis reviews. We'll test your usage and provide you with exact before and after numbers and data points. After all, we are your new partners in power.